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  The Eight Key Concepts

1. Yong Gi
2. Chung Shin Tong Il
3. In Neh
4. Chung Jik
5. Kyum Son
6. Him Cho Chung
7. Shin Chook
8. Wan Gup

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Grading Syllabus For The Traditional Tang Soo Do Association

6th to 5th Gup (Green Belt, One Tag)

Basic requirements

Current membership to the TTSDA
Approval of the instructor to grade
Regular class attendance of at least 3 months since the last meeting
Minimum age 7/8 years

General Knowledge

General rules of class attendance
Basic Tang Soo Do etiquette
Basic Tang Soo Do terminology
Correct Tang Soo Do attitudes
Additional knowledge of Tang Soo Do terminology
Be able to count to ten in Korean

Demonstration of Ability

Be able to demonstrate all previous requirements.


Sustain 10 minutes of aerobic exercise
20 press-ups
30 sit-ups
50 half squats

Hand Techniques (Soo Gi)

Hammer fist strike (Kwon Do Kong Kyuk) in horse stance (Kee Ma Jaseh)
Palm heel block (Jang Kwon Mahk Kee) in horse stance (Kee Ma Jaseh)
Double hand combinations in any stance required

Foot Techniques (Jok Gi)

Back kick (Dwi Cha Gi ) in sparring stance (Dae Ryun Jaseh)
Jumping side kick (E Dan Yup Cha Gi) in sparring stance (Dae Ryun Jaseh)
Short spinning back kick (Dwi Ahneso Pahkuro Cha Gi)

Forms (Hyungs)

Pyung Ahn E Dan
Pyung Ahn Sam Dan
Chil Sung E Ro

Sparring (Dae Ryun)

One step sparring (Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun) sequence 7 to 10 (Chil Bon to Ship Bon)
Free sparring (Ja Yu Dae Ryun) one to one

Self Defence (Ho Sin Sool)

Two handed wrist grip 1 to 3 (Il Bon to Sam Bon)

Breaking (Kyok Pa)

Inside to outside axe kick (Ahneso Pahkuro Cha Gi) to ¾ inch breaker board.
Front punch (Chung Kwon Kong Kyuk) to ¾ inch breaker board-adults only.
Women and children under 16 years, half of a ¾ inch breaker board.

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