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  The Eight Key Concepts

1. Yong Gi
2. Chung Shin Tong Il
3. In Neh
4. Chung Jik
5. Kyum Son
6. Him Cho Chung
7. Shin Chook
8. Wan Gup

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Philosophy of the Belt System

Our Tang Soo Do belt system in its progress from white to midnight blue represents the cycle of the four seasons. Each colour stands for a specific stage of achievement. In this way, we realize that which is born must grow, reach maturity, die, and leave behind the seeds of a new birth.

White_Belt Orange_Belt Green_Belt
White Orange Green
Beginners belt colour. White represents a basic stage of achievement. Our potential lying beneath the snows of winter. Orange represents the beginning of growth which appears in the spring. Our knowledge of the art begins to grow. Green represents the blossoming of summer. Our skills start to increase.
Red_Belt Midnight_Belt  
Red Midnight Blue  
Red represents Autumn. Life, energy, attention and control. Our knowledge, power and techniques begin to bloom and ripen. Dark blue represents the full circle, maturity, respect, honour and the ability to start again. Our dark blue belt is given to the Dan candidate as a representation that he can carry on and go further forward. To do so we must now prepare our minds as well as our bodies.  

Tying your Belt

Tying your belt

Firstly find the centre of the belt and hold it in front of you with both ends hanging down.

Place the centre of the belt over your navel and wrap it around your back making sure it overlaps but does not twist.

Overlap the belt once more, this time at the front and with the end in your left hand crossing over the top and hanging down to the right side.

The same end is then wrapped under both sections of the belt to keep them secure and both ends are pulled away from each other to give a firm fit.

Then cross the right end loosely over to the left side leaving a loop in the middle, the other end of the belt is then pulled up and the tip is the dropped down through the loop.

Both ends are then pulled sharply to the sides to tie the knot.

The open side of the knot should face the right side, which is also towards your senior ranks in the class line up.

This shows proper respect to your seniors and symbolizes the passing of knowledge down through the ranks.

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