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  The Eight Key Concepts

1. Yong Gi
2. Chung Shin Tong Il
3. In Neh
4. Chung Jik
5. Kyum Son
6. Him Cho Chung
7. Shin Chook
8. Wan Gup

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Traditional Hyungs - Forms

Ki Cho Hyungs

Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu

Basic form 1


Ki Cho Hyung E Bu

Basic form 2


Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu

Basic form 3


Pyung Ahn Hyungs ( Pyung = balance Ahn = security, confidence)

Pyung Ahn Cho Dan

Pyung Ahn form 1


Pyung Ahn E Dan

Pyung Ahn form 2


Pyung Ahn Sam Dan

Pyung Ahn form 3


Pyung Ahn Sah Dan

Pyung Ahn form 4


Pyung Ahn Oh Dan

Pyung Ahn form 5


Chil Sung Hyungs ( Chil = seven Sung = star)

Chil Sung Il Ro

Chil Sung form 1

Chil Sung E Ro

Chil Sung form 2

Chil Sung Sam Ro

Chil Sung form 3

Chil Sung Sa Ro

Chil Sung form 4

Chil Sung Oh Ro

Chil Sung form 5

Chil Sung Yuk Ro

Chil Sung form 6

Chil Sung Chil Ro

Chil Sung form 7

Bassai Hyung (Bassai = The Snake)


Bassai Form


Naihanji Hyungs (Naihanji = The Horse)

Naihanji Cho Dan

Naihanji Form 1


Naihanji E Dan

Naihanji Form 2  

Naihanji Sam Dan

Naihanji Form 3  

Yuk Ro Cho Dan (Yuk Ro Cho Dan = Entering The Great Gate)

Yuk Ro Cho Dan

Yuk Ro Form 1


Yuk Ro E Dan (Yuk Ro E Dan = Cutting The Middle)

Yuk Ro E Dan

Yuk Ro Form 2


Yuk Ro Sam Dan (Yuk Ro Sam Dan = Enbrace The Moon

Yuk Ro Sam Dan

Yuk Ro Form 3


Sip Soo Hyung (Sip Soo = The Bear)

Sip Soo Hyung

Sip Soo Form


Chinto Hyung


Chinto Form


Rohai Hyung (Rohair = The Crane)


Rohai Form


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